Using Lipstick Reduces Intelligence

Using Lipstick Reduces Intelligence

From decades as beauty care ingredientare very dear to girls. But the researchers are willing to Alexander, women use lipstick reduced intelligence. Recent research in the journal Environmental Health reports.

Auckland and the University of California researchers Professor X 1 brand of lipstick and young women to carry out a study to collect lipgloss. The activities can be reduced to the intelligence of women use lipstick. May have a negative effect on our behavior and learning abilities. Which is the real reason lipstick has a harmful lead.

side effect of lipstick

According to the researchers, lipstick has very low levels of lead can be used. But the accumulation of lead accumulation little one can have a negative impact on human intelligence and behavior.

They said, lipstick over the affect mental status. Pregnant mothers, especially its effect on the child born of the lead may apply.

Get a taste in girls grow forever borrow their forms have cherry lips, sometimes the color of paper to help you. Whatever you want them to easily bring to perfection lipstick. But if the prasadanit germs being stupid but I can not do!

The University of California researchers advised before using lipstick or lipgloss urgent imperative to know about stuff like this.



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